Ready to explode

Just a bit stressed out at the moment.
Sometimes I wonder why I make things so damn complicated for myself.

So we have to design a magazine about a design topic of your choice at University. This is a whole magazine. What do I chose? Japanese Graphic Design. What else do I do? I say its going to be a bilingual magazine concentrating on Japanese Graphic Design and Designers of the now. Great the teachers say. Great I think. I'm sorted, all I have to do is make it.

...Why did I say this magazine was going to be bilingual?
Boy does that create about 10x the amount of work for me. I chose to do it bilingually so it will look good in my portfolio, it will be something to show potential employers in Japan proving that I can design with Japanese text, and thirdly? Why not? The thing is, my teachers at University have no knowledge of how to design in Japanese. I could make this project work, or it could be a big flop. Its something I would like to achieve, but I doubt I have the time to do so.

As well as that, We have to interview a Graphic Designer of our choice. So what do I go and decide in my head? I want to work in Japan, so I'll interview either a Japanese Designer or a Gaijin Designer in Japan. I know a few Graphic Designers in Japan thanks to my trip in July, but... Most of them are people who work for companies I approached asking for an internship. Should I really bother them with this? I dont want to jeopardise my hopes of an already fading internship. But maybe me interviewing them will show commitment to the fact I want to work in Japan.

On top of all that I have an essay plan to write for the evil racist teacher (Who keeps proclaiming "I'm so lucky I'm not English"...whats that supposed to mean??). And the confusing project has become even more confusing as just when I got my head around it someone comes up to me and says I cant do that. But... nobody said that at the beginning!!

It really annoys me how they say "Relax its only the 3rd week, you dont have to hand in until week 6. Dont stress, just play around with things, see how they work..."
...But, next week is a holiday and if you tell me I've made a complete mess of it in week 5 I'm stuffed. I cant do 6 weeks worth of quality work in a week.

As well as that I've got the voice in my head saying "You should study Japanese more. If you dont study Japanese you wont pass the exam in December. If you dont pass the exam you cant work in Japan next summer. Wont look good to all those companies you wrote to. Will they really take you seriously and employ you when you say you've failed?!"

Jeez I'm stressed.
I wish I could put less pressure on myself.

I guess I am blood type A, huh.

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Ben さんのコメント...

Wow, don't explode. It sounds like you've got a perfect project. I'm sure it'll be hard to pull it off, but it will look amazing in your portfolio and you've go the best reasons to get motivated.

I've got a similar project, it's a really open-end web dev project. I keep having to reign myself in to make a really high-quality but small website, which is all they want. Saying that, I've done like you and made the website bilingual :D At least it might get some wows in the presentation, and look better in my portfolio.

Out of curiosity, what does that teacher mean by "At least you're not English?" I thought you were British. Or was the teacher talking about themselves? Either way it's a weird thing to say.
Thinking about teachers like that, and the fact that the project is primarily for your UK uni, I guess you have to make sure the project isn't too Japan-oriented. So I wouldn't go too mad on the bi-lingual-ness. It might be enough (and not take too much time) just to have titles and little excerpts of the main article in both languages, and maybe one article with more Japanese (maybe you've thought of this all already).

Jingle さんのコメント...

hey k,

if you know that it is within your own ability and you're able to meet the deadline, then why not? Perhaps a 2-mags-in-1, a Japanese front page on 1-side and an Eng front page on the either. With same content, but Japanese: read from left-to-right, and English: the reverse.

But if there's not enough time, perhaps just focus on an English-speaking target audience.

That's my 2-pence, probably not even worth 2 pence. Can't think straight with my cold n' cough-addled brain.

karekora さんのコメント...

Its OK I never exploded. That would cause too much hoovering.

I think I just had a sudden panic attack upon hearing one of the students say that I had done everything wrong in one of the modules. Thankfully I asked the teacher today and they said what I was doing was fine, ignore the other person.

The magazine thing is a big project but if I combine the Japanese Designer Interview with the magazine (if I'm allowed - they are both directly related) that will kill 2 birds with one stone :)
I'll just see how far I get with the bilingual thing. It would be good in a way -- encouraging me to practise Japanese to write the magazine, but also for the JLPT... 2 birds... 1 stone :)

@Ben: The teacher was talking about himself. I dont know what he meant by it, and even when you put it into the context of why he was saying it, it still doesnt make it justifiable. Ah well. Thats his opinion. Mine is that I dont think I'm "unlucky" to be English.

Good luck with your website -- will it go live? ...I want to be nosey :)

Thanks for your advice.
Got a cold? Get well soon:)
Try and avoid the kids with runny noses :)

Ben さんのコメント...

Yeah it should go live, I have to demo it to the class in January, but I'm on track to finish it before then (if I'm not too much of a perfectionist about it). I'm doing the same 2 birds with 1 stone thing with a couple of my modules, one is a research module this semester that I hope to use in a 2nd semester module. Also that website is partly for my portfolio, so I'm trying to make it look good, even though I won't get any marks for it.

I would love to see your magazine when you've finished it, too :)

karekora さんのコメント...

Great, tell me the ilnk when its ready :)

Seeing my magazine is a bit more tricky unless you are in London...
I can always send you PDFs instead