I want to scream.

I have just spent the last 3 hours trying to update my student oyster card. Was I successful? Ha! This is London.

I first tried to update my card online. I cant remember exactly what happened last year, but I'm sure I applied for the card through the Student Union. However, the student union website has been updated. Oh how I cringe. Instead of being the 'useful' website it once was (?) it has now turned into a facebook wannabe. "Come be my friend, I'm hip" it screams out to say. I dont particularly want to be hip nor be your friend, I just want to update my oyster card. However, this useful part of the website has been overtaken by "upload your party photos here". I think I'll pass.

Next up is the obvious TFL website. However, they wont let me log in due to their 'system maintenance' and I had to change my password twice before they opened the doors and let me in. However, when they did, they said that my oyster card doesnt exist. I can assure you, it does. Its in my hand. Its only a new one. I bought it from you about 4 months ago after my other one went walkabouts. Ok, try plan C. I click on the 'updating/renewing 18+ student oyster cards" link. It takes a year to load and then it tells me I can update my card easily online or at my local tube station. I tried my local tube station yesterday and the moody guard looked at me as though I was a green alien and told me I have to do it online. But, of course, there's no link, so how can I do it online? I scan the website for ages before banging my head against the wall and trying plan D - phoning them.

I listen to all their pre-recorded advice about how I can text them to gain help, how I can do most things via their website...etc... Sorry to sound like my dad, but...can I speak to a human? For one a text message wont solve my problem. For another, your website is crap. Well, I listened to classical music for about 40mins (whilst looking at kanji cards. multitasking!^^) before getting bored and asking them to call me back. I wont hold my breath.

I go back online to try again. nothing. I send them an email, but again, I wont hold my breath for a productive reply anytime soon.

Ok I thought, frustrated. Plan E. If I cant renew, I'll just buy another one. Its only £5 and it might destroy all the hassle. But, ha! Not so easy as that. Cos, I cant buy one online anymore. Not at the oh-so-hip student union website. Not at the university website. Not on the TFL website. Or at least, theres no link and the University's link has expired. Joy. My University is a participating University, so I shouldnt have to go via the paperform. And anyway, why should I have to buy another photocard?! Isnt that a waste of both mine and their time, money, energy, resources, plastic... My oyster card is new. All they have to do is update it. Say that I am a continuing student.

How hard should this be?

I feel like I want to kill someone.

(bad day alert)

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Ben さんのコメント...

Customer support is usually anything but supportive.
I wonder how much better it is in Japan, but then I guess my language would be a barrier. I'm also looking forward to the myriad of ways that people will spell my name wrong in Japan. It seems that even Japanese people have problems with people spelling their names, so I'm screwed.

匿名 さんのコメント...

オイスターカードはとても便利だと思いますが、何かあった時にうまくいかないことが多いのが残念です。 megumegu

Hi Karen
I have horrible experience about OysterCard as well. When I was a student of GeneralEnglishSchool, I was taken my student Oyster card due to change of student oyster card system that I didn't notice. However it was charged 13pound. A clerk explained me to tell Oyster help Center, so I called. The person who answered phone told me that I had to write a letter in order to refund my money. And I did. But I only got 3pound, I don't know why.
My friend cried cos she was taken her oyster card which had been just charged 3 month travel card.
I think OysterCardSystem is quite convinient when they don't have trouble. Once someting happen, it will be terrible. megumegu
ps. Don't laugh my english please!

setsu-san さんのコメント...

What is oyster card??
Computer is sometimes a kind of troubles to me too.


karekora さんのコメント...

Hi Ben,
I never experienced any problems but maybe I thats because I never really needed to contact customer support that often. When I did they were fine though. I'm always amazed how my friends in Japan genuinely expect a good service from these people though. I just expect hassle... Maybe its mind over matter... "think positive...think positive..."

So anyway, how do you write your name in Japanese?
People did mistake my name for 小西可憐 (pronounced Konishi Karen)- a Japanese name... bit of a shock when they saw me. haha..

Hi Setsu-san,
The 'Oyster Card' is similar to the SUICA / PASSMO card in Tokyo. I think its called ICOCA in Osaka?
I only want to renew my card, so I am able to buy tickets, but... I still havent been able to.

How reliable is customer support in Japan?

karekora さんのコメント...

いつも責任を次の人に転嫁したりするね T_T

私も同じようなことがあった。1ヶ月分のトラベルカードを買ったばかり、カードをなくなってしまいました。(ばか!><) でも、トラベルカードの代を4ポンドしか返さなかった。トラベルカードは74ポンド以上ですよ!!>_<

milou さんのコメント...

This song may cheer you up a bit.


You probably know this song already, though.

Have a good day!

karekora さんのコメント...

:) haha

thanks for the link milou :)