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A tip from me for all those 'Cold Japanese Green Tea' fans that know the real stuff when they taste it!


You're more likely to have a Waitrose near you than a China Town or a Japanese supermarket. And if you like Cold Japanese Green Tea, but dissappointed by the so called 'cold green tea' available in the UK, then head for Waitrose. At 79p a can, its a tad expensive, (you can buy a regular bottle of 'Oi! Ocha' for 89p in the Japan Centre, Piccadilly - more for your money), but I was gladly relieved to taste.. its the proper stuff!! Not the sweetened rubbish that you can find in Pret A Manger, or the cold Chinese Green Tea that you can buy in some other supermarkets, but... the proper stuff! Cold Sencha ^^

...Guess where you'll find me at lunchtimes from now on..! :)

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Nick さんのコメント...

i really like green tea :)

but i just dont like it cold :( :P

匿名 さんのコメント...

I never really liked green tea before going to Japan. When I tasted cold green tea my face scrunched up and I never took another sip. I think its because most cold drinks available in the UK are sweet. I also think that’s why so many of the cold green tea’s available in the UK have a sweet taste ? as most people expect a certain taste from a cold drink. However, after living there for a while and eating their food everyday I think my tastes changed ? green tea became yummy & now I prefer it cold than hot. Green tea with western foods doesn’t go. I don’t know why, it just don’t taste as nice! Back in England, hot green tea doesn’t appeal to me as it did in Japan, but Im loving the cold stuff! On a hot day, a coke or a orange juice don’t refresh you & quench your thirst like a cold green tea. Trust me, when you get to japan, you’ll understand and be converted. If only because theres not much other choice of cold drinks in Japan…!


匿名 さんのコメント...

you can make cold green tea yourself.

karekora さんのコメント...

@anonymous-i know you can, and I do sometimes make cold Mugicha for myself using the teabags I bought in Japan...but...my favourite cold green tea is sencha, not mugicha...! I like the bought stuff anyway.

---Theres a sale going on at the Japan Centre this week - COLD GREEN TEA SALE!!! big bottle of oi! Ocha for...83p!! YAY!