It makes me sick

My Great Uncle, aged 83 enjoys a beer and talking about his time in the Air Force during the war. Living in East London, he travels to Romford every Saturday as a special treat to himself. He enjoys going to a particular pub there and looking around the shops.

However last Saturday, before he even got to the pub, he was a victim of what is wrongly named 'Happy Slapping.' At about 6pm in broad-daylight he was attcked by a group of youths whose only aim was to record the attack on their mobile phones in order to show off to their friends. How is attacking an innocent old man who cannot fight back something to be proud of? They are too cowardly to pick on someone their own size.

My Great Uncle had to be hospitalised for 3 days. After the attack he was just left for dead at the side of the road unconscious. The youths could have easily killed him. Before the attack he still had his own teeth. Now he has no teeth. He has a black eye, bad brusing all over his body and can no longer walk properly.

His one enjoyment in life - the one thing he used to really look forward to - going to Romford to have a pint - has been taken away from him. He is too shaken up and scared to go there, even though he doesnt really remember what happened - he was unconscious a long time before the youths stopped beating him.

It makes me so angry that these youths are now still walking around free - and apparantely - showing off their 'great achievement' to their mates.

If I sound like an old woman, fine, but whats happening to England?

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Nick さんのコメント...

really sorry to hear that karen :(
hope he gets better soon. you are totally right, something really needs to be done about these stupid thugs, but unless someone in government has the backbone to actually dish out some proper punishments so that kids will regain respect, i dont think things will change ;(

karekora さんのコメント...

"...unless someone in government has the backbone to actually dish out some proper punishments so that kids will regain respect"

..well said :)

Taka さんのコメント...

I'm very sorry to hear that, Karen. I can't belive it. I'm very disappointed to learn that such a disgusting crime happens in my favorite country -- UK.

匿名 さんのコメント...

The UK is a predominantly spineless nation. There are few here that are willing to stand up and make a change. Those that do are ridiculed and called extremist and right-wing. The extreme leftest view of 'freedom for all' that I come across on a daily basis makes me sick is the biggest load of bollocks.

The only freedom we have is that of behaving responsibly within a society.

Other than that we have NO freedom.

Even if these thugs/chavs/scum were to be caught, what would their punishment be? If you don't know the answer I can answer that for you. I know someone that was 'happy slapped'. The kids were aged 15/6/7, they spent an afternoon in the police station, they are to young to be put in the normal holding cells. My friend was left broken glasses(cost £150) and a piece of the glasses wedged in his face.

The justice system is blind, deaf and dumb.

There is a serious problem with this society.

First, why are the punishments for these crimes a slap on the wrist?!?!

Second, how depraved are the minds of these people that the find the act of attacking the elderly and the weak funny, and the for the videos to be passed to thousands of other people who also find this amusing!!!

Society complains about people taking the law into their own hands, but what are we to do?! Ironic how I would have been arrested if I happend to be there and I knocked one of the thugs out.

I wish your Great Uncle a fast recovery.


karekora さんのコメント...

thanks for your words of support.

My Great Uncle also had £60 (approx 12,000yen)in his coat pocket when he was attacked. He still had it in his pocket when I visited him at home today.

Just goes to prove - the youths that attacked him wasnt in it for the money - just for the beating.

If someone has done a wrong such as this, they SHOULD be punished severely, whatever their age, background or social status.

...i never saw the violence on TV in Japan that I can see everyday in England.