Pacific Overtures...

In the train on the way to work I was reading a second-hand Times newspaper, when I came across something that grabbed my eye. Ive never heard of this show before, but theres a show on at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, called "Pacific Overtures."
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Reading on, the interesting thing about this show for me, is that ist tries to combine traditional Japanese Kabuki with the American Musical. As with traditional Kabuki, men play every role, and the beginning part of the show has a very 'Japanese' feel. (Even if there are no Japanese people starring in the show... American's dress up as Japanese Kabuki actors/actresses) Then, as Japan falls under alien influences, the style of the show changes into a more 'American Musical' show - singing, dancing...

I think what the show is trying to express is how the Japanese must have felt themselves to have these 'barbarian' US envoys on sacred Japan soil, although I assume as its eyes are in favour of America. (It was a big hit on Broadway.)

I dont like the American influence on any country, I find it depressing that a single country can have so much power over the world. Therefore, I dont feel this show is for me, but, it would be interesting to see American actors dressed up in Kabuki costumes and acting in the Kabuki style - the first part of the show, before... America takes over... **yuck**

If you are interested in the story or background of the Pacific Overtures show, Wikipedia is quite good.

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