Its....eeeeeeeeeeeeeaster!!!! ^^

You might find this site interesting if you live in japan, or have lived in Japan. Tokyo Map. I can just make out the shape of Hikarigaoka koen, and Heiwa Koen in Kami Itabashi ^^ My 2 favourite parks in Tokyo :) I got confused about which island Odaiba was.... until I saw the Yurikamome loop... :) You can view all over Japan, from Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Hiroshima etc.

I managed to fingure out where my 2 workplaces in Japan were, even where my gaijin house was! (thanks to the blue roof!!) Seems theres quite a few swimming pools in peoples back gardens in my old area too - I knew there were big houses, I passed them every day, but I didnt realise they were that big... Wish I could go about there again now and nose... >_<

Geez, Im sad..

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