He wants to learn about Japan!! ^^

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It makes me mad. My cousin is trying to get her smallest child into a Primary School, only, he keeps being rejected - why? Because the school is reserving places for asylum seekers and ethnic minorities. Excuse me? Isnt that a tad racist? Imagie the opposite - an Asylum Seeker trying to get into a school, but the school rejecting them because they were reserving places for British children, the school would be shamed and disgraced on TV. It would be branded a racist school. It would have to go through a reform etc. But, a British kid being rejected by a school cos he is British? Think nothing of it.

Britain is too damn pre-occupied with trying not to be racist, that its forgetting where it came from and being racist to itself.

My cousins other little boy is 7. He was given a new school project for Easter. That project was just to find out as much as you can about a country of your choice. Guess what country my cousins little boy picked? hehe :) Im quite shocked really as I dont really see that side of my family very often, and I wouldnt call us close. But, he does know me and was there at my 'Welcome home party' when I got back from Japan last year. Well, who knows why he picked Japan, but, I like to think its cos of me.... ^^

He's a good boy huh? hehe^^

And, who does he go to for help with his project? ^^ I wonder....

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