Grumpy Old Woman

I went shopping on Saturday. While I was shopping, not once, but twice did women decide that I was invisable and stand right in front of me, looking at the things I was looking at, so all I could see was their back. Often, when Im shopping, people are looking at something I want to look at. ITS MANNERS is it not to wait for them to leave or stand next to them in a queue if you like. No, people dont have manners these days.

I go to Debenhams cafe to eat, and I wanted a Pepsi. All the regular cups were dirty so i asked for some more. The member of staff looked at me as though Id just asked her to strip off and tutted and sighed loudly and said "Theres some in front of you." They are dirty I say. "Well, use a large cup then." she replied in a moody tone as though it was embarassing her to even look at me. "Fine," I say, "Ill half fill it, is that OK, I dont want to be charged for a large Pepsi." She looked at me blankly "hmm?". ITS HER JOB.

Maybe Ive was spoilt in Japan. The service of shop staff saying "Irasshaimase!" as I walked in and the "Arigatou Gozaimasu!" as I left even if I bought nothing. The helpfulness of the staff - in particular a time when my ATM card never worked. If you ask if a shop sells something, staff tell you or take you. In London, when looking for a Adaptor, I was told "no" to the question "Do you have any...." This company dont sell anything then. Strange, theres quite a few outlets. But, of course, I was interupting this member of staff's more important conversation about football with another collegue. I found later they did sell want I wanted, but Id never buy it there. People cant do their job these days. Its uncool to work, at least it was in my last 2 companies. If you worked alot, you were outcast - a wierdo. I was proud to be this wierdo. I got given work, I completed the work, and the boss then took me for granted. I understood why nobody does work - you get respect in return.

Schools. Parent rely on the teachers to teach their kids. Not only lessons, but manners too. Thing is, teachers nowadays are scared of the kids. At least, they were in my school. Kids would bully the teacher. "Sir, do we have to work today, cant we play 'who wants to be a millionaire?'" "OK" the teacher said. So struggle from the teacher. He knew, if he said no, like once before he did, the kids wouldnt listen or walk out. The punishment? A detention they wouldnt turn up to. The punishment for not turning up more than 5 times? A day off school! Wow! Brilliant! Almost made me want to do it - you get rewarded with a day off! WOW! :) Kids dont have manners now cos their parents werent taught manners before, or, the parents cant be bothered with their children so dump them at school and rely on that. Or, the parents just give their child what they want - how else are they gonna shut the brats up?

Livingstone, a man who wants more people to take London transport insted of polluting the London air with carfumes, puts the fares up. The bus fare is more than double is was when I left for Japan - 70p back then, now, its 1.20-1.50. A return to Oxford Street by tube is 6.00. A travelcard 5.40. (oyster=5.00) Shouldnt a return be cheaper? Im only going 5 stops without changing trains and I get charged a fiver? 50p per stop? In Tokyo, the same journey would cost the most 240yen single, so 480yen return. 480yen=2.40. Half price. And the trains are cleaner, air conditioned, no sick, no graffitti, no tramps, on time, no delays.... Makes me want to learn to drive. Thanks Livingstone - must have money in the car industry.

Why did I return to London? From the Tokyo, the supposed most expensive country in the world (but, so obviously not) to London, the piss taking country, who charges rediculous amounts.

No wonder youths turn to crime. Its cheaper than going into London, buying a pint, taking a bus, going cinema, going to the non-existent bowling alleys.....

Tony Blair thinks he is running this country. Running it into the sewers.

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