The only good thing about Osaka。。。

....has to be this. Okonomiyaki. Osaka reminds me too much of London to be nice. Even though Osakans are supposed to be the most friendliest people in the whole of Japan, its just doesnt wash with me. To my eyes, Osakans were as rude, ill-mannered, american/jamaican wannabes wth bad style as they were in May when i went. Yes, my best 2 friends in Tokyo were raised in Osaka. But, I think Tokyo has tamed them. If I wanted to live in America, I go live in America, not Osaka. Osaka is just a wannabe. But, I chose to live in Japan remember. So therefore, Id like to spend my time with Japanese people who arent ashamed to be Japanese.

かわいい?!! モッカちゃんは大阪に住んでいます。 残念ね。

The below picture, from Route 79 website, is classic. Its something Id expect in Japan with all the Engrish about. But, no, its genuine, and from Brent, London, England. England, the home of English. It took me a couple of looks to see what was wrong with it. Take a look again :)
(maybe Im just slow or immune after living with so much wrong English in Japan!)

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