London: Most Expensive Tube in the World

London Underground fares are to go up again. Thats a surprise.

The fares of the London Underground were already rediculous before I left for Japan, but by the time I return to England, the fare I used to pay would have gone up, not once, but twice. I dread to think what my ticket to work would cost now. Below from the BBC:

Speaking at City Hall, Mr Livingstone said the increased fares to be introduced from January would raise about £80m.
..."This proposed fares package focuses on halving the number of cash journeys made in 2006 to speed up journeys and improve the efficiency of the network," he said. He conceded the new single Tube fare of £3 would probably be the most expensive in the world.

Too right. Much more expensive than Tokyo, anyway. And isnt Tokyo supposed* to be the most expensive city in the world? (*I say SUPPOSED to be as it most definately isnt, but thats what the world believes) In Japan, I can go to central Tokyo and back for just under 2pounds. I live about the same distance away from the centre here as I did in London. And yet that same journey in London would probably cost be double. And yet, the trains in Tokyo are far more cleaner, efficientand spacious with more trains running. It even has gorgeous air conditioning :)

so... tell me, Mr. Livingstone, why should Londoners pay so much for London's run-down, in bad need of repair and a good lick of paint, Underground service?

Why should we be buying the most expensive tickets in the world for a tube service that so obviously isnt the best in the world?


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