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No. The weather isnt that bad in Tokyo! Not yet...
夏は終わったね。最近、朝と夜に、ちょっと寒くなった。日本の夏が大好き! だけど、日本の秋はすばらしいと聞きました。10月2日にロンドンに帰らないと決めた、Im so glad! But, time seems to be flying by lately, it only seems like yesterday I was in Aomori. Must be getting old >_<
手紙 in Chinese means 'Toilet paper'. Hand paper = geddit? >_< the reason for the '九' at the side of this kanji is nothing to do with the letter 9, bt more how 9 is pronunced - 'ku'. After all, what noise do pigeons make? 'ku ku, ku ku' kinda? Thats the reason why this kanji is like so. !!

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