vertical traffic lights...

Everywhere I have seen in Tokyo the traffic lights are horizontal. The green/blue man is green/blue with a white man walking the wrong way.

What do very strange me notice straight away during my trip in Aomori?

The traffic lights are vertical. The green/blue man is green/blue against a black background, and he is walking the correct way. (correct as in the same way as in London.... im not saying there is a correct or wrong way, dont get me wrong...!!)

Almost feels like London!!

Another little quirky difference between Japan and the UK, that my boss actually mentioned to me was that in public toilets in Japan the toilet holder is of normal size - i.e., the size you'd have in your own home, holding one roll, and there are usually a few spare toilet rolls in the corner of the toilet somewhere just incase. In UK public toilets, the toilet roll holder is this huge round thing that is perminently nailed to the wall, with a huge roll inside, impossible to see or take. There are no spare toilet rolls.

Why the difference?

People would steal the toilet rolls if they were readily available.
Steal a public toilets toilet roll. Eugh...

Ill pass on the ramen, give me the ice....

hmm, cold ice... yummmm :)

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