patriotic me?

I cant get over it. In Japan, Im so patriotic over being English. Im proud. Im proud to be a Londoner.

Its a nice feeling, if a little new to me. I guess it will disappear faster than you can say "Patriotic" when my plane lands in London. Probably my plane will be delayed, my luggage will take hours to come out, and then my luggage will be torn or ripped or a wheel broken. Ill get on the tube and there'll be delays, or a suspicious looking person with a big rucksack. Ill be forever worrying someone is going to pick a fight with me for no reason or going to take my bag. Ill get home and theyll be someone revving up their engine and playing loud reggae music while talking to a friend in a 'badboy' accent. Ill read the local newspaper and discover that a murder or stabbing or mugging happened a few streets away. Ill go up Wood Green and feel my heart drop as I look around at the rubbish that litters the floor, the attitudes of people, the mess, the... 'in' way to live.

Why am I so patriotic over a country I couldnt wait to get out of? Why am I patriotic about a country that is so much worse than the one Im currently in?

Maybe its because I feel special here, being British, not the typical American or Australian. Maybe its just because its home. Maybe.

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