Nagasaki 'overshadowed' by Hiroshima

The bomb dropped on Nagasaki exploded with a force equivalent to 21,000 tonnes of conventional explosive.
Plutonium is much more powerful than the uranium bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
Most of those killed in the second attack were melted or burnt to death immediately.
However, correspondents say that Nagasaki's tragedy has long been overshadowed by that of Hiroshima, where about 140,000 people were killed by the bomb and its aftermath. "

Quote from BBC news website.

I totally agree. I think I posted before just after I came back from my Hiroshima/Nagasaki trip. In Hiroshima, the air was eery, as of it was still in moarning. Everywhere you looked were reminders of the atomic bomb. In the tourist guide, they only mention places to do with the bomb.

I went to Nagasaki after Hiroshima, and knowing that the bomb dropped on Nagasaki was more powerful, I was expecting more bomb-related things than Hiroshima. Totally the opposite, I was happily surprised. Nagasaki is a more modern city - things even look old, even by the epicentre. Maybe thats just due to lack of care, but the whole feel of Nagasaki was so that I couldnt believe a bomb to that scale happened there. Nagasaki had moved on. The tourist brochure lists the bomb, obviously, but also Nagasaki was a vibrant city before the bomb with a multicultural history, so there was much more to see and do, taking your mind away from the disasters there 60 years before.

People always say "NO MORE HIROSHIMA." What about Nagasaki? The bigger, more powerful bomb? Just because it didnt kill as many doesnt mean anything. there were fewer people to kill living in Nagasaki than Hiroshima.

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