it was WRONG to drop THAT bomb.

Remembering Hiroshima.
Around 6,500 children were orphaned by the atomic bomb, although the exact number is not known. it was WRONG to drop THAT bomb. Japan WOULDVE surrendered, it was just looking for a way to do it without losing face. Those are not my words, but the words of a top American man who was against the dropping of the bomb at the time. His words are listed amongst many others in the Hiroshima Bomb Memorial Museum, which I went to in May 2005. Even if you think that Hiroshima was justified, how can you justify another bomb, days afterwards in Nagasaki? I can only hope that this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. But, with madmen in charge of countries, who knows what atrocities the future holds.

The bomb has been invented.
You cant un-invent it.
Its here in this world, and, it will always be here, the threat will always loom.

Onto something different... Apparently, theres a Japanese guy on the Nasa Space Shuttle Discovery. Would never have guessed. **sense sarcastic tone** I mean, its not as though Japanese TV is biased or anything, but... who are they other ones joining him on his mission?? >_<

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