damn stupid - you can swear 5 times, OK?

A school in Nottingham is letting students swear five times, counting the number of times they swear in tally-like fashion on the blackboard. As the article reads, teachers should be there to say 'do's' and 'don'ts' not 'a couple of times is OK, but no more. Also, the bit that reads :

"But headmaster Alan Large said he had received no complaints about the policy.
"The reality is that the f-word is part of these young adults' everyday language," he told the Daily Mail. "

Sorry, Mr Alan Large, how long have you been headmaster? The fact that maybe it has become part of everyday youth language does not been we should bow down and except it. Does that been is stabbing someone becomes part of everyday life, that schools or the law should say "Well, its become part of everyday life now. You can stab 5 people, but more than that and we'll have to take action..." STUPID

And this is aimed at controlling 14-15 year old un-ruly students? Do you think they care how often they swear? If they did it when it is not allowed, they'll do it when it is. ANd, if names are gonna be put up in tally-like fashion on tha board, dont you think then itll be like a game to the students? At my secondary school in London, I have no doubt that would be the response. Students competing to see how many lessons they can swear 5 times in, and who's quickest, etc.

Do we want to be seen as the country where everyone has a fowl tongue? The fact that we are shouldnt stop us trying to better ourselves, and not just be lazy.

Get real. This is another of those newsfillers, surely? If this is real, then Mr. Large should be sacked, if its a newsfiller, the newsfiller man should be sacked for making the UK look like idiots.

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