Strong Earthquake

At 4.30pm ish today there was a big (6 on the Richter Scale) earthquake in the Kanto region. I think Chiba and the Tokyo Bay area got it the worst, but up in Takashimadaira we got it pretty strong too.

I freaked out more than usual as Id just been in the park reading the "Are you ready for the big one?" in the Japan Times, and then I pop into Daiso and wham! Earthquake. Its pretty strong and Im panicked. An old guy comes up to me about 10 seconds into the quake and says as if he has just noticed, "地震だ!" >_< Apparantley there were aftershocks too, but I never felt them. I'd still been in Daiso when they were said to have happened.

I do not blame the police for shooting an innocent man. If he had such a clean record as the website suggests, why did he run away from the police when they tried to stop him? Why was he wearing a winter coat on a summer's day? Knowing what had just happened in London, he made a silly decision.

But, the policemen werent in uniform were they..... I hope they did announce they were police officers. Thats the only fesible explanation I can come up with. Some guys running towards you with a gun in a tube station? Id run the hell away too.

But, the police officer that shot him. Why was there need to unload your gun... 5 times?

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police shot him in the HEAD 5 times. once or twice should be enough to kill. 5 times is wrong.

Maybe the policeman was only following orders or doing what he thought was best, but.... 5 times

muslim community in london aint gonna take that well. See some backlash and more terrorism coming londons way this time.

and this time, it will be Londons fault