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Looks like the Terror Attacks in London have given some Islam Extremists an idea. Check out the link.

So thats 3 tube stations and one bus. On a Thursday. Ring any bells?
At least have an original idea, freeks.

Find the bastards. They 'ran off' right? Dont just look at Islamic believers either, look at everybody. England is such a multi-cultural country that its easy for anybody to learn and believe what these extremists believe. Fact is, you dont need to believe the thing that you are blowing people up for, if you have a thrill for killing few, scaring thousands or just causing havoc in a large city, you can do it.

I just thank God they didnt have proper weapons.
Or, in the case of Shepherds Bush, got cold feet.

EDIT: HAHA! I am currently watching NHK News10, they have been fumbling around trying to waste time for over 45 minutes now, they want to cover Tony Blair live, when he speaks to London about the incidents that have happened today in London. The keep repeating themselves, going from correspondant to correspondant, showing the same films again and again.... I feel sorry for them, I think the newsreader may commit suicide if Tony Blair dont speak soon....

(Tony Blair has been delayed giving his statement to London because someone has been arrested by armed police just outside the gates of Downing Street.)

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London websites seem to be playing down the event, whereas Japanese TV are scare-mongering??