Just discovered vudeja. LIked this post below.

Summer commute tips

Dry any trace of perspiration off your body before it gets a chance to evaporate and cool you down, thus creating more heat and perspiration which of course you’re just going to wipe up anyway right?

Habitual scratching, picking, adjusting and chewing gum like a mad cow ? all okay. Don’t even think about opening that window. If you’re sweating be a man and use your hello kitty handkerchief.

If you’re in charge of the train air conditioning, a good rule of thumb is the hotter the outside temperature the colder the aircon. For example a humid 35 degree day would call for 20 degrees.

Toothpaste is over rated. Run towards the train at full tilt and leap/lunge inside the car. When you gather yourself and notice the doors didn’t immediately close right behind you (and won’t for another 5 min), casually fix your tie and make your way to the other end of the car saving us from your embarrassment, Indy.

Priority seats are for business men reading porno.


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