Im not who you think I am

"Japanese people should think what kind of person comes to Japan and teaches English. Do doctors or lawyers come and teach English? Do people from New York come and teach English? No! They dont come because they can get a good job in their own country. The kind of person that comes to Japan are people from the countryside who have no prospects or not much opportunity to get a good job. So they come here, as all you need in Japan to be an English teacher is to be a native and LOOK native. Its quick money. Its stupid. Japanese people should realise."

This is what my boss said yesterday to me.

er, ...EXCUSE ME?..........!

Can I just ask who I am then? I come from London, I studied and got a qualified job in London. The kind of job that could lead to good money. It was a good line of work to be in, and theres NO DOUBT that that is the kind of work that Ill go back to doing when I go back home. Has HE ever thought that maybe its not down-and-outs that coe to Japan but people who just want a year out, or want to learn the language, or experience the lifestyle. Which is the reasons I came.

Im not the minority. Everyone but 1 person I've met have all come to Japan for the same reason and the only reason they are English teachers, even though they are qualified in something else, is because THATS THE ONLY OPTION THAT JAPAN GIVES FOREIGNERS.

Dont be so sure about telling me who I am.

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