Nagasaki May 2005 - 平成17年5月:長崎

I went to Nagasaki in May 2005 as well. (Yes, I managed to clock up some miles in May, visiting Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Osaka, Himeji, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Nagasaki, Unzen Jigoku...!) Nagasaki was far more of a city than Hiroshima, it had moved on from the bomb and created a new future for itself. I guess it helped that Nagasaki had an interesting history before the war. Well worth a visit, you'll feel like youve entered Europe or Southern America!

Peace Park, Nagasaki was nice. Quiet and not rubbing the past in your face, I couldnt believe that a bomb of that destruction landed here. If you look around, Nagasaki looks as though its been there for years, and, thankfully, hasnt got the 1960's feel of Hiroshima. Loads of schoolkids!!

Glover Gardens (above) is a series of houses owned by foreigners living in Nagasaki. Primarily, a British man, GLOVER. ^^ Patriotism aside, this is a really nice place that Im so glad I went to. If you think you are not into gardens, come here anyway.

Want more Nagasaki? Click on the Haus Ten Bosch link just below this one, for a more Dutch view of Nagasaki ^^ tanoshinde ne!

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