Kawaguchiko & Fuji Yoshida

I went to Kawaguchiko and Fuji Yoshida on a day trip from Tokyo. Just moved and up rediculously early, I caught a coach from Shinjuku statio. Its the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to go from Tokyo.

I found it really hard to take a photo of Mt Fuji. It seems to disappear into the background. The above photo is of Mt Fuji and Kawaguchiko station area. I had a really nice Omuraisu near here, in a hippy-type shop. I cant remember the name, but the people were really friendly :)
(Think its on the road directly opposite the station, the road I would have been standing on to take the photo - you cant miss it, its bright yellow!)

Sengen Jinja at Fuji Yoshida is breathtakingly beautiful. Its a short train ride from Kawaguchiko and well worth the visit. Theres not much to do at Kawaguchiko anyway, just look for Fuji. (Which could take a long time, depending on what the weathers like!)

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