Fuji san, one scary mountain!!

Mt Fuji behind Kawaguchiko Stn.

Like the sun effect ;) Sengen Jinja, Fujiyoshida.

Sengen Jinja, Fujiyoshida.

Pathway leading to Sengen Jinja, Fujiyoshida.

Went to Mt Fuji last Friday. It was brilliantly hot. BAKING! I made the mistake of eating the Yamanashi food delicasy as well - Houtou, which, is cooked and then brought up to your table and cooked further, so its bubbling away while you eat. Its a kind of ramen dish... It was nice, but the wrong kind of weather to truly enjoy it.

I liked the Kawaguchiko area, but best of all, Sengen Jinja in Fujiyoshida, a short train journey away. The atmosphere is calming and spiritual. Go and see for yourself....!!

Mt Fuji was scary. Because it was such a hot day, it was a little misty, and Mt Fuji would sometimes disappear and then reappear. So, one minute, huge mountain to my left, the next... no mountain... Ive lost Mt Fuji, oh, no, there it is again...!! >_< I did find the mountain imidating for strange reasons I cant answer. Glad I dont live there, but its nice for a day-trip from Tokyo.

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