Sapporo Yuki Matsuri 2005

北海道。札幌。雪。いろいろな国から来た人。どこ?札幌雪祭り! 2005年に、一人で行きました.

すっごく楽しかったですよ! It has to be the BEST festival I went to while I was in Japan!

Id recommend a thousand times that you go! Sure, its cold, sure theres thousands of people and sure, its a bit slippery (be sure to get the "HOW NOT TO SLIP ON SNOW" booklet at the TIC - hilarious! :) but worth all the money! If you are looking to do it cheaply, Hokkaido has 2 very nice Youth Hostels, where I stayed. Clean, central, helpful, cheap, friendly, and, most importantly, safe.

(Above) Dont forget to make your own snowman :)
Nagoya-jo had some of the best entertainment of the night, every night :)
(Below) Sapporo has many other sites to see apart from snow statues, as below :)

Click here to see photos of the 2006 Yuki Matsuri. ..wish I was there for that one...!

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Dilys さんのコメント...

nice photos! especially the first one. I am always amazed at how skills the Japanese are at making snow sculptures!