Angels voted best song of 25 years

Huh? Robbie Williams must have a HUGE family...! I like the song Angels, but I definately dont think that it deserves the "Best Song for 25 years" award. Either that, or the UK has some really awful music... (Dont go there...! ^_^)

Im happy that the Scissor Sisters got taken seriously (somehow, thats kinda hard to do, right?!) and managed to win 3 awards.

Japanese music.... Theres lots of really cool bands here - Do As Infinity, Dragon Ash, B'z, The Brilliant Green, Hikaru Utada, Chemistry to name a few. Japan does have good music, however, it does have Ayumi Hamasaki too.... (**WIDE EYES ALERT!**) Im sorry, she just looks so fake...!

My opinion on this, is... Well, England is an unhealthy society. Our lifestyle is unhealthy. When I visited Hong Kong, I was surprised to see Sweetcorn and fruits being sold on the streetside - chocolates and biscuits would probably be the English equivalent. Whether schools sell "healthy" foods to kids or not is irrelivant - the fact is, on their way home, they'll pop into Burger King, or go home and their parents'll be ordering a Pizza cos they are too tired to cook after a long day at work. Sure, selling healthy foods will work, but England will never be a 'healthy' society. Its getting to much like America to be healthy. I fear that even Japan, with the highest life expentancy in the world, will one day become unhealthy? It may sound silly, but the fact is that Americanisation is hitting everywhere.

In 300 years time, will the world be just one big America?

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Prince Charles and Camilla gettind married.

Am I SO glad Im not in London right now... I can just imagine the TV, newspapers, magazine coverage of this story. ...Oh well, theyll drag this story out for around 3 months ;)