Over pressurized kids of today

Im in Japan. Ive been here for 2 months almost. I have a good job, and I know a few people dotted around the country. I am lucky enough to be staying at a friends house for the moment. I found a friend at work (even though they are emmigrating soon...). When is that chip gonna shift?!

Someone asked me today why I came to Japan. I gave them the bulk standard answer - "Because I like the culture, lifestyle and language of Japan." It got me thinking. I did like those things about Japan. After meeting my "friend" in Japan, I got very disheartened. She was damn rude. I have never met a person so rude in all my life, and then can be saying alot, considering I am from the darkest part of London!! When I first got to Japan, I needed support, I was away from my home comforts for the first time in my life, and all I got from the person I was staying with was accusations and agony. It made my journey to Japan alot harder. After meeting other friends here, things became easier. I wish I had never met her again in Japan - life would have been one hell of a lot nicer.

Beacuse of that, this chip on my shoulder is hard to shift.... My new friends are helping me to learn to love Japan like I used to!! I dont regret coming to Japan, even though sometimes my posts may hint towards it. I find it hard to understand the Japanese frame of mind sometimes - why do parents force their 4 year old kid to go to English classes?? No. 1 they dont want to learn, they want to play - OK, learn English through games - No. 2, you can only REALLY learn something if you are commited and want to learn. Being forced to learn something doesnt make you WANT to learn. - I had to learn French for school. I studied it, took the exam and passed. Do I remember any of the French I learnt? No. Why? Because it doesnt interest me, I have no use for it, and I dont get to practise it. I didnt want to learn it, so I forget it. Some people may say I am silly for forgetting something I took time to learn. But the fact is I hate French purely because I was forced to learn it. If it was my choice, maybe I would learn French again. Who knows. Who cares.

I know we all have to do things that we dont want to, but if your parents as well as your school is forcing you, theres too much pressure. My friends at school had pressure put on them at school. I fortunately, didnt. My parents just said to me, "Do your best". They didnt force me or put pressure on me. I knew if I failed, it would be difficult fr me to get the job I desired, or even get into College. I put the pressure on myself. I knew what I had to do. If my parents put pressure on me too, it would have made things 110 times worse.

My point? You, and ONLY YOU can decide your future. Parents should steer kids and support them, not pile pressure on. If you dont have any interest in learning English, and you dont think it will help you n the future , why are your parents wasting money adn you wasting valuable studying time, learning something that you will forget as soon as you get that pass mark from school?

...Maybe Im biased. I am a native English speaker, so maybe I dont fully understand the importance of English. But the pressure fact remains, whatever subject.

It amazes me how many Graphic Designers from Western countries are in Japan!!
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