According to a spokesperson from Johnny & Associates, it has come to light that one part of the nations popular idol group SMAP, are considering quitting their current agency and going independent.

The news became evident after an NHK interview with the spokesperson for the Johnny & Associates lawyer. According to this interview, Johnny & Associates are currently holding talks with one part of the five member group who are considering going independent. According to he spokesperson, as the contract between the agency and SMAP hasn't expired yet, it is unsure whether or not they can actually become independent.

SMAP is Japans ultra popular male idol group. They have released a number of hit songs since releasing their first CD in 1991. They have also participated in NHK's major New Years Eve music show a total of 23 times. Their down-to-earth personalities also enabled the group to appear in a number of television programmes, as well as each of the members individually starring in televisions dramas and movies.

The spokesperson for the Johnny & Associates lawyer said that they would prefer to refrain from making any further comments regarding the news as a resolution has yet to be made.

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