No drama. No life.

I'm coming out of hiding just to rave and recommend a few things I've been watching this year. 

Firstly, the hyped up Japanese war movie, "Eien no zero". Some rave about this film, whilst others worry about its nationalistic war-hero views, but I just watched it as a film regardless of opinions floating around it.

 A young man and his sister find out their true grandfather died in the war. They interview lots of people in order to try and piece together what kind of man he was. Some information is not what they wanted to hear. However, through interviewing lots of different people, they gain a good idea of the kind of man their grandfather was, his hopes, his wishes, and the reasons why he chose to die. 
It's true that it does seem to suggest that "war sacrifice" is a heroic thing, but as a film, it's great. As a girl brought up on Hollywood, I tend to find a lot of Japanese cinema a little slow..., but this movie is fast paced and the characters are well introduced. 


Secondly, the last (but hopefully not last) TRICK movie. I've been a fan of this series since the beginning and if this really is the very last edition to the series, then thankfully it is worthy of it. There's TRICK gags galore and even lots of special appearances from faces of the past. It's comical, it's serious, it plays with the audience, its sad, it's a cliffhanger, it's everything all at the same time and yet it works. I admit to being moved at the ending, which left me and my friends sitting in the cinema silently reflecting for a good few minutes even after the lights had come on.  


And finally, British drama at its best, Sherlock. As others like to put it, this new series sees the "humanization" of Sherlock. He gets a girlfriend, he makes a wedding speech that brings a tear to the guests' eyes, he finds himself getting the clues wrong... I won't say much for fear of ruining it for those who haven't seen it, but.... to John, Mary and.... Others... The Last Vow has to be the best episode ever. 

2014 has started well in the land of TV and cinema... Hehe

Here's to "terumae romae 2" >_<;


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