Frogs have hobbies too.

Crabs like water.
Frogs like water too.

They like the sea, rivers, reservoirs, rice paddies and rain.
 All of which my town has in abundance.

Whenever it rains at night, the crabs and frogs in my area like to run out into the street and have a party. The frogs all sing karaoke at the top of their voice. The crabs wander around and cheer them on.

The streets around my area are not well-lit. On Friday night on the road outside my apartment I could vaguely make out a sea of crabs and frogs moving around. It was difficult to get to my apartment building without squishing anything. More importantly, I didn't want anything climbing up me or making itself at home in my apartment...

Still, at least the frogs where I live just like singing. The frogs a little further up the road where my friend lives are into gymnastics. They climb up the wall of her apartment and jump through open windows...

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