Where am I?

The free wifi in a coffee shop. The free wifi on the subway. The free fast wifi at my small hostel.

Want to get past me? Just barge me out of the way. The harder the better, for maximum effect. And don't bother with queues. They are a pain.

2 coffees, 2 sandwiches and some chocolate. Price? 900yen.

The shop staff who look inconvenienced when I want to buy something. They huff and slam the change down while having a conversation with their colleague.

The smiles from elementary school children. "Bonjour!" Buying a ticket to enter a palace, "Bonjour!" Huh?

The good looking guys... mmm! ...And then the rudeness and bad manners... No thanks...

The beggars in the subway. The man with no legs sliding himself along the market. The homeless sleeping along the road.

The egg custard tarts. The banana milk shakes. The street food. The fresh fruit drinks. The sweet potato latte. The spicy chocolate. The spicy crisps. The spicy bread. The spicy ... everything...

The barbed wire fences surrounding the river. The soldiers, the army training... The loyalty to a delinquent brother.

The surprised look when I speak in Japanese. (It seems to be the way to gain the shop assistants attention and hearts...)

The spitting on the floor, the smells of the street. (a smell of tasty food mixed with sewage..)

The doughnut shop on every corner.

The openness, the hugs, the genuine laughs...

I'll be back with photos soon.

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