A non-Japanese post...

...because I'm feeling lazy.

Before you do anything, just play the video above and admire the craziness of the Japanese woman shouting in the background..^^ (動画の中に叫んでいるおばさんはおもろいー!笑)

I started calligraphy classes and it was OK. It is something that I could enjoy but, there's just too many of my students taking the exact same course... I love my students, but I need time away from them too... Instead, I've started Taiko Drumming lessons. My wrists are getting stronger :)

I also joined a badminton/tennis group. The first meetup was yesterday and I went with a teacher at one of my schools. I really enjoyed it. Just gotta get myself some decent indoor trainers...

Today was the Kobe Festival. I watched my students do a dancing performance, and then caught three fish at 金魚すくい... Personal best ;) hehe

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