After the disaster.

So the TV is getting back to normal. I guess.

After the earthquake, tsunami and continuing problems with the nuclear power plants, all channels on Japanese TV were showing round-the-clock news programmes. I was glad of it - with the situation changing all the time, I wanted to find out what was happening asap. Eight days after the disaster and TV is getting back to normal. That is, theres regular TV programmes broadcasted alongside the news. However, there's been a bit of backlash - how dare the TV broadcasters show entertainment and comedy shows during this time of mourning. The TV broadcasters soon found themselves with no companies who wanted to air their TV commercials during this time of suffering. So instead, we have public service announcements from AC. However, the complaints rolled in saying the 'AC' jingle at the end of the commercials was too happy. So the jingle has now disappeared.

This disaster has rightfully rocked and scared Japan.
I just hope Japan can find the strength to return to normal.
I have faith.

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aozorakumoko さんのコメント...

My friends, my kids and I memorized perfectly all the lyrics of this song and Misuzu kaneko's poem.

ESbe さんのコメント...

The CM is included Japanese "Dajare" and I hope that Japanese children to watch it feel fun in the disaster.