zaaaa zaaaaa zaaaaaaa!

Its raining like it has never rained before. The sky is rumbling loudly overhead. The rivers and lakes have been fed. I may live in an area known for its lack of rain, but it sure does make up for it when it does rain... Why does it always rain on bank holidays? ;(

Still, on the plus side, I have discovered yoghurt bread :) (unrelated information)

I took advantage of the 3-day holiday and visited a friend in Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture. Pictures are of Kurashiki and Okayama. Kurashiki is famous for its black and white buildings and canal, whilst Okayama is famous for its castle and Momotaro - a folk tale. I have to say, Okayama castle is by far the most impressive Japanese castle I've ever seen. Why aren't more castles black?! ...

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