A monkey in Itabashiku



English diarrhea time!! ;)

So far, so good! I'm happy to see my Japanese ability has improved since the last time I was in Japan 2 years ago. Alien card, key collection, health insurance, bank accounts, getting lost, talking with teachers, understanding my schedules etc.. So far all alone in Japanese and all OK :) But, theres still so much I want to learn. The teachers at the school I'm working at keep teaching me kansai slang.. so beware ;)

Most people who started the same time as me only had 3 or 4 classes this week, all of which were self-introduction classes. Me, however, got thrown right in the deep end with 11 classes on my first 2 days, only 3 of which were dedicated solely to self-introduction classes. The other 8 were different levels and target languages. Fun, but knackering ;) I'm used to sitting at a computer designing all day!

Other than that, my washing machine is possessed, the postman around here works seriously long hours, the heat is residing (maybe?), I foresee a problem in November, the streets around here have seriously dangerous deep drops, there are lots and lots of crabs, and yes... from a distance, maybe Baked Beans do look like Natto... (?!)

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How do you like your life in Hyogo? I also live in Hyogo:) Did you go to マクド already??