It never rains but it pours.


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the lyric writer, the singer, is old as same as me, maybe. And I heard he enrolled high school near my high school.

Ahh, now I understand what you point, though I didn't understand it at first. You extracted the essence of the lyrics!
Hmm... maybe there are some gaps to the understandings of the lyrics between you and me. Is that cultural difference? As one on Japanese, I've perceived the point that the lyrics want to tell. Is this interpret not able to understand by overseas?
なるほど! あぁ〜、karekoraさんはずいぶん深い意味を汲み取ったんだね。はじめは意味が分からなかったよ。会社への忠誠心と自分の本意なんて、随分と社会的な構図をスキミングしたね。深い!

Well, hmm ... i think he, black cat named "Holly night", didn't think that he wanted to reject the plea sending the painter's lover a message, even though he got be unfamiliar with him at last.
I mean that he was still thankful to painter's kindness, so he just wanted to respond his heartfelt treatment with sending the massage as soon as possible. I think Holly knight ran for not the loyalty but seeking the meaning of his life and died for living.
"The guy (painter) found the meaning of life of me, like shady, so I run for not only him but also me!"
I feel so.


If you have some time and you've not read "Run! Melos!" yet, written by Osamu Dazai, famous Japanese novelist, i recommend you read it. It's pretty similar story.
 もし時間があって、まだ読んだ事がなかったら"Run Melos!"を読んでみてよ。有名な日本の小説家・太宰治が書いた名作で、似たようなテーマで書いているから。

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this is typo