Bloody Monday

If you liked 'Death Note', or if you like suspense/action stories full of twists and turns then I recommend 'Bloody Monday'. It's a Japanese drama thats currently on its second series in Japan.

Storyline in short: A biological terrorist attack nicknamed 'Bloody Monday' kills off the population of a Russian town within minutes. Japan believes that the terrorist organization responsible soon plans to unleash the same virus into Tokyo. To try and avoid this catastophe, they recruit a renowned - but young - genius hacker to find out what happened in Russia and how they can stop the attack in Tokyo. However, the terrorist organisation is one step ahead and surround him as his 'allies'. Not knowing who to trust, he relies on his skill as a hacker to unravel the terrorist organizations sinister plot and find out the truth behind 'Bloody Monday.'

As with any suspense drama or movie, there are holes... but it keeps you hooked anyway. Or, at least, its got me hooked ;)


On another note, I'm currently translating a manifesto for a flowershop from Japanese into English for a friend. They are creating a website for their shop which they'd like to be bilingual. The manifesto itself pretty deep stuff that delves into the Muromachi-era reasoning behind ikebana and the way ikebana has evolved. I understand what is written in Japanese before me, but putting it into natural sounding English is a challenge. --A fun challenge, mind ;)

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