We have all been conned...

Everyone. The woman who was ahead of me in the queue at Sainsbury's today, the man who sat opposite me on the tube, the woman with the pram, the college student who was walking along Chancery Lane. Even big companies have been conned... New Look, Top Shop, Next, Espirit, H&M, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer, River Island, Primark... Yes, its big news. Unfortunately, the people who are designing and making the vast majority of ladies shoulder bags in England today seem to have a sidejob. They are also pick-pockets.

....Or, at least, thats the only conclusion I can come up with at the moment. Why are loads of bags these days made with no zip or a single magnetic clip in the middle so anybody can just dip their hand in and snatch your stuff? Maybe I'm too cautious or fussy, but if I'm going to buy a shoulder bag, I want a zip... Preferably a zip that opens in front of me, not behind me...

Grr.. **rant over** ;p

Still, on a brighter note (literally), when I left work today it was still daylight!! I'm so used to only getting 30 minutes of daylight on a weekday that its put me in a very good mood... ;) hehe

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