Dodgy job ads

Just a nerdy thing that irritates me...

An Artworker and a Graphic Designer are two different jobs. They have different roles, different expectations and different problems.

I'm currently looking for a new challenge as a Graphic Designer. But so many of the jobs advertised under the job title 'Designer' are in fact Artworker job positions. Just read the job description and its crazily obvious to anyone with any kind of knowledge in the field. If a company is seeking an Artworker, surely they would get more response if they labelled the job advert 'Artworker'...? After all, a companies worst nightmare is to employ an Artworker who is a wannabe Designer. -- Or so I've heard.... Although, in reality, employers just want people to be everything these days - Designer, Artworker, Quality Controller, IT worker, Motion Designer, Flash Developer, Web Programmer, Account Handler... Seriously, employers are getting greedy. Isn't it better to employ someone who has expertise in a certain field rather than employing a 'jack-of-all-trades'...?

I digress... (Gosh! I sound like a university graduate all of a sudden.. haha)

My friend is currently working at an design agency under the job title 'Design Expert'. However, her job role is solely that of an Artworker. What's wrong with the job title 'Artworker'? I see no shame in it. Maybe its got something to do with the way there are often a lot of design graduates, wannabe designers, failed designers and people who just like artworking and/or art & design working as Artworkers. Maybe companies recognise this so lure future Artworkers in under strange and false job titles such as 'Design Expert' or 'Designer'.

Who knows.
Just irritates me.
I distrust job adverts that try to lure people in with 'Designer' job titles but Artworker job descriptions.

However... the job title 'Creative Artworker' is another story... ;)

///////its a dog eat dog world out there...

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