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Ahhh, a subject that's been very close to my heart.

That's why, it's become almost a policy for me not to work for agencies, or sign contracts that are less than a year and not directly with a school. For me that also includes English schools/kindergartens and learning centres, and in most cases "international" "bilingual" schools. Teachers applying for these sort of educational institutes are likely to get the short end of the stick. It seems gaining money takes priority over the quality of English education, these sorts of schools don't think about the children at all.

What?! 7-8 English teacher changes over a school year? There's no consistency for the children at all! Monitoring of their progress and development is abandoned leading to less efficient English teaching that's generalised rather than individualised; they get used to one teacher's way of teaching, but suddenly have to familiarise themselves with another; parents have no clue... what the bloody hell is going on?

Schools which use English as the main medium of teaching are also low on my agenda, that doesn't mean I won't consider it if an opportunity comes up, but I believe that children should have a good foundation in their mother tongue before supplementing with short regular lessons of other languages.

The JET programme, or signing a full-time yearly contract directly with one school is what I consider to be more stable options. Weigh up the school before signing the contract!

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The report is probably exagerrated as reports usually are, but it still is maddening, especially as lots of schools are opting for dispatch companies over JET or direct hire.

As far as I can see, kindergartens and Eikaiwa's hire English teachers directly. Its rare for Elementary, Junior High School & High Schools, which is where I'd like to work :( Although, admittedly, I havent been looking that indepth yet.

I'm interested in working in Hong Kong if Japan doesnt work out - is there the same problem there? :/

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Nope, as long as you find a place to sponsor you a working visa, working in HK is not a problem, actually I fully recommend it!

Most public and private schools and kindergartens all employ directly, and provide an over-average salary. You are less likely to be conned!

Yeah, I was thinking if I can't get into Japan next year, then I either give Korea a try or return to HK.

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Thats reassuring :) Me too - Japan, Korea or Hong Kong. Maybe China... :) exciting days ahead! :)

I've been speaking to an acquaintance who works for a dispatch company in Japan. Theres a few things that doesnt add up about the man who lives off Moyashi and Salmon in the video. If you are sacked in most distach companies, your visa is cancelled & you have to return home. So why is he struggling to make ends meet in Japan - he has to leave unless he is staying illegally. But whos in the wrong then...? I think I'm just thinking too much... ;/

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Hey, girls,
May I interrupt??

I recommend Vietnam too. If you are not uninterested.
My friends 2 americans has worked as english teachers at big private school in Saigon(best city in VN for me, I didn't feel communism at all.) they were hired on the elementary school direct, worked only for 4~5 hours (I remember I met them 14:00 almost everyday) and 4 or 5 days in a week. their salary were USD1500 and the girl said could saved USD700 every month at least. that was 3 years ago. not new info.

Here Japan, just for travel and stay is good. but work under japanese company especially, under HAKEN派遣, that is really crazy.

I hope you come to japan to enjoy days, but I don't hope you work on bad unstable situation and finally hate japan. I dont hope you eat only salmon and moyashi.


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下手な英語なんかないよ! すごく上手で助かった!
Thanks for the info, I will research about jobs in Vietnam too. :)