Hej allihop!

Hej allihop!
Jag heter Karen. Jag bor i London. Klockan nu en London är kvart i sex.
Idag är Onsdag, i morgon är Torsdag. Jag tycker Lördag och Söndag! Lördag och Söndag är mycket bra! :)

Sjutti sju = mycket mycket svårt... :(

Jag skulle vilja ha en kopp kaffe med mjölk utan socker och en bil! Full :)
Tack så mycket!

Hej då!

Its my last swedish language lesson tomorrow (boooooo!!!)
I just felt I had to mark the occassion... :)


And! One of my University projects, the J-E bilingual 'wakuwaku magazine' looks set to be published in an Asian print graphic design magazine! argh! :-) Bit nervous for a number of reasons - copyrighting, crediting, etc... Lots to do and not the greatest of times... up to my eyeballs in english language teaching stuff at the moment... ah, the joys of red bull... zzz

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M_x さんのコメント...

what' the meaning? I have a Swedish friend, teach me a basic greeting :)

M_x さんのコメント...

And congratulations for your work being put into a magazine, especially an Asian magazine! (JAPAN?) Be sure to get a copy of the magazine yourself!

karekora さんのコメント...

say to her 'Hur mar du?' -- it means how are you :) I never learnt how to reply though... >_<
Its not a Japanese magazine unfortunatley, but it should be distributed in japan. the company is in mainland china. havent said a 100% yes yet... i doubt im going to have time to get the work done for it in time, as i've got a big week next week in english teaching :( (4 lessons in 5 days... all to upper intermediate students that lurve to ask juicy grammar questions... argh...)