Festival of Japanese Culture in Spitalfields

On Saturday 19 September, there is going to be a Japanese Matsuri in Spitalfields Market, London.

Not entirely sure what this means, but I'm hoping it might be better than the Brighton 'Japanese Street Festival' which was a teeny area full of second-hand tat and bored looking staff... (Just my opinion... I did go on the last day...)

I'm predicting the usual stuff such as traditional Japanese foods, wackiness, technology, art & design... Not so much a Japanese 'Matsuri' as it would be in Japan, I'm predicting more like a 'British celebration of Japan' festival?

There is talk of a Bon Dance though... so who knows... things could be looking up...

...Would be great if the Akita Kantou Matsuri could come to London again... :)
...Or Nebuta! ^^ Now that would be cool... ;p (**dreaming...)

I might check it out anyway* :)

*depending on workloads

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