No trust in GPs

For around 2 years my friend has complained of palpitations and shortness of breath. It gradually but surely got worse and worse to the stage where even the simple tasks in life became an effort. She kept going to her GP but he passed it off as stress, there was 'nothing wrong' with her heart, it was 'perfectly healthy'. Check up after check up... She started to think that maybe this was how her life was now. But no.. something was wrong.

She bugged her GP into giving her a hospital check-up. She went to the check up this Sunday. I dread to think what might have happened if she hadn't have bugged her GP.

She was admitted into hospital immediately with a tumor on the heart. The tumor had grown to a size that was seriously dangerous to her health and they had to operate there and then to avoid her heart failing. How can a doctor miss a 3.5 inches big tumor?!

Luckily she is recovering well and she has a strong spirit. She is looking forward to having a normal life again where she isn't scared of doing anything remotely energetic.

My mum had a similar experience with a GP when she had a rare form of pneumonia. The GP passed it off as a cold and it was only when we seriously bugged them that she was admitted to hospital and could finally get the treatment she required.

Don't trust GPs.
Bug them and nag them into giving you the attention you need.
Otherwise it could all be too late.

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