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I watched 'In search of Wabi-Sabi' on Monday... can there not be a English programme about Japan that ends up at a Maid Cafe or another form of the Japanese 'ultra wierd' / 'porn' industry?!

(OK, Maid Cafe's are not porn, but the majority of the people inside are male, and are there to get female attention.)

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PA さんのコメント...

Haha, I thought the same thing. He wasn't going to find wabi sabi in there was he! I liked the final parts though in Kyoto and the Zen temple.

ukmari さんのコメント...

It was an interesting program. If somebody asked what Wabi Sabi are, I wouldn't be able to explain!! One young guy said it is in our heart. I think he expressed it very well there. I totally agree.
Quite shocking to see the Maid Cafe though!

karekora さんのコメント...

PA: Exactly... The programme would have been so much better with that part cut out :( Ah well... I'm looking forward to the 'The Story of Love & Hate' on March 30th. ;)

Ukmari: I think its hard to explain Wabi-sabi. I don't think its something which has a clear definition, 'Wabisabi is.....'. Its more complex than that. I looked in my Japanese dictionary, and it doesnt have Wabisabi listed... why!? :( (Maybe a poor dictionary...)