Matcha attack




絶対食べられるけどね :D 


Yup, the girl who loves Matcha is at it again... making food with Matcha... Last month I made Matcha Chocolate (yum!). I still had a bit of matcha left over so I decided to make something else... I looked online and found a Matcha Cookie recipe and decided to give it a go.

I put in loads of Matcha, the colour of the cookies are seriously green but... there's not much taste of Matcha :(

They are still yummy though :)

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PA さんのコメント...

As long as they look nice and matcha green that's OK,eh ;-)

M_x さんのコメント...

And there was me thinking all green-coloured food was healthy.. lol

karekora さんのコメント...

haha thanks :) Its quite amusing when I offer someone a biscuit and they see its green... hehe

Ive never made biscuits before and its made me realise just how unhealthy biscuits are! Its just all butter and sugar!

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