The incredible book eating boy

I could spend hours on end in the children's section of a book shop. I once went to the library with the aim of just looking at all the kids books but the librarian kept giving me strange looks like I was a child molester. That I'm definately not -- I just like children's picture books. I guess I just haven't grown up yet.

Ok, some children's picture books can be pretty mundane, but a lot aren't. I'm not really interested in the story, just the pictures. I especially like illustrations which use a lot of different mediums. It inspires me. :)

Last year at University one of my teachers brought in her collection of children's picture books... Oh paradise! hehe :)

Today I wandered into a Waterstones whilst on lunch from work. I came across the book phootgraphed above -- 'The incredible book eating boy' by Oliver Jeffers. Its such a brilliantly illustrated and written book! There's even a Japanese version of the book (img 11).

I'm not an illustrator and entering into that line of work is extremely hard, but I do feel my style of Graphic Design has a very illustrative approach. I just like making a mess.... :) How great would it be if I could ever manage to write, illustrate and publish a children's book of my own... hehe.... **getting ideas**

I've been thinking alot about the future lately. I do that.
I was thinking of becoming an English teacher again in Japan. But not the bulk standard English teacher with blonde hair -- a proper qualified English teacher. I've enrolled on a course and everything. I like helping people... I like authority... ha! But even if I do become a teacher, I don't want to leave design and illustration behind... My very first job interview in Japan some 4 years ago was as a kindergarten art teacher. I turned them down. I wonder if the job offer is still open....? :)

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Jingle さんのコメント...

Let's team up! Author & Illustrator ;)

karekora さんのコメント...

Its a deal! :D