Pechakucha night

Was much more packed than I imagined. Pechakucha night happens once a month in Tokyo, as well as many other cities worldwide, and it is a place for designers alike to network, chill, chat and show off their work.

The guy presenting in the photo above was from London. He had the audience in fits of laughter with his jokes. Ah~ British humour :)

You never know... I might present next year! **beware! :)

Click on the image for more info about Pechakucha night in Tokyo or in a city where you are.

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Papigiulio さんのコメント...

These are the kinds of events that I like. But of course I just happen to live in the wrong city every effin time heh. Nothing in Osaka, Hamamatsu is the nearest one sigh :(

And yes, British English is awesome :)

karekora さんのコメント...

:( the next one in tokyo is 24 september, I wont be here :( Don't they have anything similar in Osaka?