I'm a busy bee sort of person...

..and where I'm working in Japan there is never much to do. Everyone is really friendly, but having nothing to do is driving me a little insane. Occassionally a good job comes along, like a CD cover and booklet I did last week (and won the job!! --can I get paid now?? ^^), but more often than not there is nothing to do. I'd like to come home with a feeling that I've done something that day, but I can't.

I wanted this internship to give me an idea of what it would be like working full time at a Graphic Design company in Tokyo, but this job isnt really giving me a good example. I wouldn't want to work for this company full time, but that doesnt necessarily mean I wouldn't want to work in Japan after graduation. A good job is as hard to find in Tokyo as in London I guess....if not harder.

Ganbarimasu. Its all good experience.

I went shopping today after work, hunting for Engrish tshirts for a project I plan to do at Uni. Is the above tshirt Engrish or not? I cant make my mind up... The wording is correct but... is the meaning understood?

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