waaa waaa waaa waaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Its hot. Its summer. But dont you think it quiet?
I kind of miss the screaming of the Cicada's on a hot summers day :)
I like to hear them, ... I dont like to see them.. Boy are they ugly, and boy are they huge!! My first encounter with a cicada was when it dive-bombed for my head along a road. I almost jumped out of my skin - "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???!!"
I've never seen them in London - do they exist in England anywhere?? (countryside??)

Enjoy the heatwave :)

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Taken from this wiki page:

". . .one species in England. . ."

"Some cicadas produce sounds louder than 106 dB (SPL), among the loudest of all insect-produced sounds. (This amazing sound has frequently inspired haiku poets in Japan to write about them.) They modulate their noise by wiggling their abdomens toward and away from the tree that they are on."

I never knew they are that loud.
Truly amazing how many bugs there are on Earth. Ants and their social structures tend to facinate me the most out of all these creatures though.

Heatwave, what heatwave. *falls over*

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hmm.. i suppose they do sound like crickets. ..they make their noise in a strange way!!

I used to like the noise (most Japanese hate it??) because there would be the normal humm of cicada screaming, but then youd get one extra loud one, that sounded as though he was laughing. ^^ I like happy bugs ^^