I sometimes wonder if it would have been better if I hadnt gone to Japan.





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I'll have none of that dirty talk on my Internet. (-_@) .You know it is not true, I know it is not true, and the rest of the world knows it is not true.

To ponder and wonder about what lies yonder, to think of times that were so much fonder. Your confusion, delusion, all an illusion. You need much focus & plenty dedication, soon you'll be on permanent Nippon vacation. Force in you strong must be , turn all dreams to reality.

Hang in there. Life per se can be a real pain in the arse, however we need never forget that there are many instances of serendipity in this strange journey. Just think about the last ten years of your life, I'm sure you never imagined you'd have done all the things you have!? Now just imagine the next ten.

(^_^)b *thumbs up*

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I cant read what Karen said, but that was a nice speech anonymous! :)

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Sorry, I'll provide a translation. I wrote in Japanese just to practise, sorry :(

I often think
"I'm glad I went to live in Japan"

But, now, my feelings have kind of changed. Now I have begun to think
"If I hadnt have gone to Japan, it might have been better"

I dont know why I think this.

I hate my job. But, I've only been there a month, right?! It can only get better. Or, I'll be lucky & find another job.

I'm low now, but it wont be forever.

For that reason, I'm doing my best, day in, day out.
Everyone reading this, please, live each day to the full.

(almost translation...)

@anonymous - thanks :) nice words. I like the rhyme :)

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I get these moods (see the above). Japan wasnt all plain sailing. Either is London. Its just life.