Service - London style.

Had to buy a travelcard this morning. Got to Tottenham Hale, only to find 5 LU staff telling people that all 3 ticket offices were shut and so were the ticket machines. Why it needed 5 of them I dont know, and why one of them couldnt just open up the ticket office themselves I dont know. London dont make sense.

Anyway, one of the 5 men told me that I'd have to buy a travelcard at my destination. Due to the fact Ive seen 3 ticket inspectors on the tube in a week, I wasnt happy about this. Why would they believe me when I say "I didnt get a ticket because the ticket office wasnt open?" Its peek time on a weekday.... why the hell isnt it open? Isnt that the main time when it should be open....?? London dont make sense.

With no choice, I go to Hammersmith and have to buy a ticket there. The man at the ticket gate gave me a dirty look and lectured me about how I should buy a ticket before my journey. I tell him I couldnt etc... and he looks at me like a child. He grabs my Oyster card and then just stands there and stares at me. "Well?" he said. I looked at him. "Money?" he said to me in a rude tone. I was shocked, usually they read the card or whatever before they take the money, but hey.. I gave him the money. He updated my Oyster and slammed down the change with a huge sigh. I looked at him. "Thanks for the great service!" I said as I walked away fuming. Wasnt I just asking him - at the London Underground ticket office - to do his job - sell me a ticket? Why the attitude? London dont make sense.

And to read in the Metro - 'England trains are as good as they can ever be'.
..Is that a joke?

If over-crowded Tokyo can have ticket machines/offices open and trains running on time frequently..... why cant we?

Why? Because no one in London can do their job.

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masamasa さんのコメント...

But, Japanese trains are always so busy in the rush hour I think! At this time, you see another side of Japan. Maybe you didnt take a train during this time - you went to work by bus ne?

Nick さんのコメント...

Just see it as good motivation for getting back to Japan as soon as possible ;)

karekora さんのコメント...

i guess.. but even though japan was great, i still missed my family.

I want the impossible - the best of both worlds. Either London to start acting like Tokyo or for the whole of my family to move to Japan! :-)

Theres just so much rolling around in my head right now Im confusing myself... Should I concentrate on becoming an artworker/designer? (with no guarantee of ever getting a job with this in japan) or take the TEFL route (one that I didnt like in Japan, but plenty of job opportunities) .. Cant decide to Im currently going down a mixed route - concentrating on getting an artworker job in the UK, while studying japanese like crazy in the vain hope I might be good enough for translating...

Im mixed up good :)

All I know is:
I dont want to completely emmigrate to japan to live forever. just 2-3 years would be nice.

im rambling...
Im doing that alot lately!! Must be boring any readers to death! :)

Masamasa - have you been to london?
Nick - :-)